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420 Blunt Weed Dispensary

420 Blunt Weed ShopOUR STORY

420 Blunt has been setting the standard for cannabis stores in USA & Europe since day one.

Our brand was born before legalization when opening a business in this industry still meant taking a risk and standing for something you believe in. Our founder has been a cannabis entrepreneur and advocate for almost a decade.

THC opened up with one mission – to be the dankest weed shop in the country. We’ve closed and re-launched a number of times since then, but have always kept that mission in mind and recognized that the customer comes first.


420 weed storeOUR STORE

Our shop has been called a lot of things — a “futuristic spaceship”, the “Apple Store of Weed” and “cannabis heaven”. No matter how you describe it, it’s sure to blow you away the first time you set foot inside.

Clean white marble floors and countertops with glass shelves filled with the largest selection of cannabis products in the city.

Our store environment is second to none.



We have the widest selection of quality cannabis products in the city. Pre-rolled joints, vaporizer batteries, carts, dried flowers, concentrates, CBD-dominant items, edibles, beverages, topicals, capsules, oils, and more.

We navigate the confusing legal market so you don’t have to. Our team handpicks a curation of the best strains and products in USA. If we won’t smoke it (or drink/eat/vape it), we won’t sell it. Everything we put on the shelf has to meet the criteria of THC’s ordering team, the same team that has been responsible for our ordering since day one.


We receive new products every Friday and we examine and test each one before stocking them in our store.

New strains have to smell good, burn clean, and taste great to make the cut – otherwise, we will immediately put them on sale or send them back. You can trust that we have a high-quality and extensive product mix in stock at all times.


420 weed store is more than just a cannabis store; it’s a lifestyle. We are from the culture, for the culture. We are grateful to have an amazing community that has continued to show support over the years.

Be the first to know about new product launches, price drops, promotions and in-store activations, and become a member today.

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